Friday, May 3, 2013

Interview Questions

My publisher arranged an interview for me which will appear in social media prior to my book's release. I have a series of questions to answer which the interviewer will arrange and post. I don't have a date for when this will come out yet -- hell, I'm still writing my answers -- but if I had to guess I'd say mid-June since the release date is July 9.

The publisher also confirmed that the pre-sale date remains May 31, which is good. I'll be able to tell the folks who attend Local Authors Day in Chelmsford that my book is available for pre-sale. So now all I have to do is figure out what I'm going to say about my book.

That's harder than it sounds because so many pieces are intertwined. I have the added burden of explaining which the Aglaril are. In my rehearsals for the event I usually start there and then give a brief  history of the magic gems so they will have context.

I've identified several passages from the book to read and I am told that the goal here is to hook the audience. So I think I need to finish with the battle between Evan and Jormundan, the necromancer Evan has been chasing because that encounter goes very badly for Evan. If I stop just as Evan is waiting for the final death stroke, I should have the audience on the edge of their seats.

Or is that kinda heartless? I don't know; sales is one of those things I never learned about in school. It just seems to me that I need to set an expectation and then leave them hanging so they will buy the book and can fulfill it themselves. Of course, that might not work. I don't know but it is worth trying once.

Keep writing everyone.

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