Saturday, October 18, 2014

Chugging Along

All my projects are chugging along. The audio version of Aure the Topaz, for example, has just gone back to the producer for a last round of changes. I'm hoping the audio version will be available next month.

Revisions on Vorn, the Onyx are moving along too. I'm about halfway through it now, pulling out words and tightening the writing. I'll spot check the book once I'm done to see if it needs more work and then decide if I can release it.

I discovered the web site of my publisher is gone, which is not a bad deal. I've been preparing for this for months. My books are now available from ManaSoft Books. They are still getting set up but should be ready to go soon.

I spent the morning with the writer's group I've tripped into, revising Vorn. While we working one of the writers mentioned that she was going to be attending a farmer's market next week. She asked me if I wanted to come along. I said yes. She was the one who told me about this writer's group too. She a very nice person and one of the few writers I know that really tries to help others. What a breath of fresh air compared to so many snobs I've encountered.

That's it for updates. I'll have more next week. See you then.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Sometimes you Need to get your Second Wind

I'm finally making good progress on the last pass through Book 2. It turns out that editing with paper and pencil works better for me than anything else. So much for high tech solutions.

Of course that means it might take a while to wrap it up and make it available. But I'm not going to rush it. I did that with Book 1 and regretted it. So there's no official release date and there won't be until I'm working on the last few chapters. That said, the official goal is to release this quarter. Whether I achieve that goal depends on how many distractions I have.

The audio version of Book 1 reached a milestone. The entire book is recorded and I'm listening to it so we can make one last pass on it and then release it. That also has a Q4 release goal.

I received my first copies of Magic and Melee to sell next month at the shows I'll be attending. And the electronic version is available from Smashwords. Still need to set up the Kindle version at Amazon. You can also purchase a copy directly from Lulu.

And speaking of shows next month I'll be at the Rhode Island Author Expo November 8 in Warwick from 9 to 3 I believe and at the Groton Library on November 16 from 12 to 3. If you plan on attending either event, please stop by and say hello.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Slow Progress

I am progressing slowly toward completing Book 2. I am also thinking of offering a combined volume of Books 1 and 2. But I don't know if that is necessary.

There is interest from readers of Book 1 for Book 2, which is encouraging. And personally, I can't wait to have it done and show two books in the series. It is really hard to have a series with one book. With two, the series is really born.

Updates for the week include:

  • My Kickstarter project was not funded. Work on the graphic novel has stopped.
  • My collection of fantasy short stories, Magic and Melee, is ready. I need to update Smashwords and Amazon with the electronic versions. And I'm debating the best distribution methods for the paper version.
  • Work on the audio version of Aure the Topaz is progressing. We have about 12 chapters left to record.

I'll be at a show in Warwick RI Nov 8. I'll provide more details next week. And I'll be at a local authors fair in Groton Nov 16. I won't have Book 2 for either event. But it will be close.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

More to Say

I've been busy with writing stories and book promotion, but that's not what's got me back here writing my blog again.

I read a marketing post recently that suggests I need a newsletter to keep the outside world updated on what's going on.

I thought about that and thought perhaps this blog could serve that purpose.

So here's a quick update:

  • I'm lining up shows to go to through the end of the year. So far I've got four identified for November and December. Check my web site,, for specifics.
  • Work on the audio version of Aure the Topaz is about halfway done.
  • I've collected my six fantasy short stories into a small paperback called Magic and Melee. It is available on Smashwords and I'll be posted to the Kindle store soon. I expect a second collection of stories in a different genre next year.
  • Work on Vorn the Onyx, Book 2 of the Aglaril Cycle, is nearly done. Hope to have this out by the end of the year at the latest. By December would be even better but I think that might be tough to do.
  • My Kickstarter project to convert Aure the Topaz into a graphic novel looks like it will not be funded. So that project is dead.
  • My Goodreads giveaway in August drew 350 readers. 
  • Work on Book 5 is delayed. The word count is over 40,000 but I still have a ways to go. Not really working on it so I can get Book 2 out.
Be sure to also check for other news.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Book Promotion

I've been looking at book promotion, how it works, and what I need to do to sell more books. Let me pause here to say that so far, according to my publisher, my novel isn't selling. Certainly not enough to justify the money they spent on it. I'm sure their other books are in the same situation which is why they are getting out of the business.

So now that I know my book sales are crappy, I'm trying to change that. So I've begun to research how to promote my book. The advice I've received and is contradictory. I'm suppose to guest blog, and post in forums, and engage members of my audience with interesting conversations. All this work so that my name is out there and recognized.

While I agree name recognition would help me, I don't think that's the way to get it. Not for a book of fiction. For non-fiction that might work because you can pretend to be an authority on the subject of your book, but fiction is different.

For fiction, you need to convince the reader that you can write well and tell a story. That's what fiction is all about. That's why my short stories have been free for months. But that hasn't help me sell books because I don't think the readers of the stories are making the connection with the novel or want to shell out real money for reading material.

Of course, it may also be true that my readers have no money. They may be 15 to 25, ages where you have no income or money is really tight. So I need a different strategy to spark the interest of readers. And to do this, I'm going after book reviews. That's the usual way people know a book is good. Perhaps that will caught someone's interest and they will buy a copy. I hope so.

And on the off chance I've already piqued your interest, you can find information about my novel, Aure the Topaz, on my website,