Monday, May 6, 2013

Coming Soon

Hard to believe that in a few short weeks, my novel will be available for pre-sale. I don't have the details for this yet, but I'm assuming my publisher's web site will let you pre-order the book and that my web site,, will point you there. A link from this blog may also be available if I get really organized. So start saving those sheiks if you've been waiting for a paper version of the novel.

In the meantime, I'm preparing for my visit to the Chelmsford library and I've been re-reading Book 2 and have been making tweaks here and there. It will go to the editor I used on Book 1 so I can finalize the copy. I'm undecided if it will go my publisher after that. I'll have to see how they do with promoting Book 1. If there do a poor job, I may self-publish Book 2, at least to start.

It's really hard to say for sure since I have no crystal ball for the future. So my focus is just to get Book 2 to a point where the editor can do her job. I thought the novel was at that stage but I decided that was not the case a few weeks back. So I opened it up for one final read and edit. After that I'll see where I stand with Book 1.

All this will take months because I'm reading Book 2 very slowly, crafting each scene as I go. It takes longer that way, but the results are good and it is really the only way I can be sure the end result is what I want.

Keep writing, everyone.

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