Monday, May 20, 2013

Story Tone

I've been proofing Book 1 one final time and in the process realizing Book 2 has a long way to go. It's the characters you see. I'm not sure their reactions are right ... or consistent ... or complete.

That may be my imagination. Or that fact that Book 2 is a different kind of story. Book 1 is an adventure start to finish. Book 2 starts as a mystery and transforms.  In Book 1, you see the magic gem early and it is the centerpiece of the story. In Book 2 you don't see the gem until the very end. It is the centerpiece but you don't know that until the story is over.

So the tone of the novel is different. In Book 2 we see Evan conduct an investigate and confront necromancers with his men -- something that does not happen in Book 1. We learn more about him and  the other main characters. And new main characters are introduced. All this makes Book 2 a complex thing while Book 1 is simple bill of fare. In short, Book 1 is like a hot dog and Book 2 a full course meal.

Given this I suppose, Book 2 should feel -- or taste -- differently. But something isn't right. I don't know  what. Not yet. But I will before I'm done. Time to review the ten chapters I've just "finished" and see if anything pops out.

Keep writing everyone.

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