Monday, January 28, 2013

Faster than a Speeding Turtle

I was warning by one of the writers who signed with my publisher that they were slow. I've now found out just how slow. My novel, which I thought was due out by March, is in fact slated for June. I am not happy about this because it delays work on Book 2 and gives me less time this year to sell Book1.

In fairness, the publisher never did give me a straight answer on the release date when I asked months ago. And I was sick in September, delaying by second around of edits. Additionally, Hurricane Sandy dealt my contact with the publisher a nasty blow causing her to be out of contact for a few weeks.

I'm sure all these things have had an effect and a three month slippage is nothing compared to slips in the software industry, where I've worked for many years. But that does nothing to ease the emotional upset I'm feeling.

On the plus side, I did learn that there will be a physical galley proof of the book so I can see what it will look like before the printer gets it. I wasn't sure anyone still did those, but apparently they do.

I have until the end of February for any front or back matter changes I'd like to make. But as I've still not seen the cover draft, my focus is there.

I suppose this is just a curve in the road. I wonder how many more curves lay ahead.

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