Friday, January 11, 2013

Book Cover Update

After my last post, I confirmed with several folks that the book cover should in fact reflect the story it is representing. I explained this to my publisher and they went back to the drawing board. I gave them four possible choices for a new series. I suggested them as possibilities only. They came back with a variant of the cover I have, courtesy of Michelle Ramos, the artist I found on Facebook and who I paid about two years ago when I was planning to release my novel in paper.

Because they dropped back to this default position and because they first suggested the use of a mountain scene for the cover, I'm wondering if they've read the book. Some certain hasn't. On the other hand, they tell me it is more about typography, colors, and font choice.

And since I'm no expert in these matters, I have to suppose that's true. I suppose it is like an oil painting; it is in the eye of the beholder whether it works or not. I just find it odd that they come full circle after rejecting my original cover as not being professional.

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