Monday, April 16, 2012

Technology Tidbits

Every since I replaced my Palm for a smartphone, I've been wanting the phone to support the use of a stylus because I think it gives a better user experience.  The problem, however, is that most smartphones do provide a place for a stylus so it is one more thing to keep track of.  You also need a special kind of stylus, one with a rubber tip because the touch screen expects a certain amount of surface area to be active in order for the touch screen to recognize that someone to pressing down on it.

To this end, I experimented with several types of styluses.  The elago is cool because it connects in the sound port of the phone.  If you don't use your phone as an MP3 player (which I don't) then that makes it easy to keep the stylus with the phone.

Another interest twist on this is a pen made by Kesington.  One end is a pen and the other is the rub tip for the smartphone.

In an effort to make my iPad more useful, I decided it was time to purchase a wireless keyboard.  I got one from LogicTech.  It came with its own batteries (which surprised me) and synced to the iPad easily.

The action on the keyboard is not the same as the action on my desktop computer but that may be because the keyboard is new.  I don't know yet.

However, typing with the keyboard is far better than typing with the onscreen keyboard and it is now possible for me to write anywhere.

My only concern is battery life.  I don't have data on that yet so I will have to wait and see if I am constantly changing batteries or not.

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