Friday, April 20, 2012

Meeting the Publisher

In my life, and I assume in the lives of many, there are events that change you forever.  Some of these include:

  • Leaving your parents home and going to graduate school
  • Buying your first house
  • Getting married
All of these moments share several things.  They require a lot of work and planning.  And when the day arrives to do this thing, you know.  You feel it.

Well, to that list I humbly suggest adding meeting with your publisher and signing your first publishing contract.

That's right, Virginia, the deal is done.  I signed with -- (wait for it) -- Aziza Publishing, a small press based in Boston.

I must admit to having second and third thoughts about signing, but I always have second and third thoughts.  Sometimes I think that I think to much.  I suppose that part of the writer's curse and what I get for living a large part of my life in my head.

But I signed nonetheless because Aziza will help me learn more about the publishing process and the publishing world.  Sure I learned it myself and stop writing for months.  Who wants to do that?  Not I.

Besides, there's nothing like a being led into a strange new world by a professional with lots of experience. So I will learn from them and at the end of the contract if I'm not I'll find a different publisher or perhaps I will self-publish then.

So wish me luck and start saving your pennies.  A paper copy of Aure the Topaz will be available early in 2013.

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