I have many books planned for my fantasy world. The kingdom of Thalacia is busy place and occupies the northeast corner of the continent of Mirrya.

Books Written and In-progress
Currently I have books in two series written or in a draft state. The Aglaril Cycle -- the story of how the elven gems, the Aglaril, have found after being lost for millennia and used to restore the human monarchy. The books in the series include:
  1. Aure the Topaz 
  2. Vorn the Onyx
  3. Telep the Diamond
  4. Calen the Emerald (expected 2017)
  5. Luin the Sapphire (completed draft 2)
  6. Carne the Ruby (in revision)
  7. Orod the Amethyst (completed draft 1)
  8. Balodol, the Crown of Power (completed draft 1)
Blessed Lady -- the story of the bard Senetari and how she creates her own religious order and becomes Queen of Thalacia. (Draft 1 in progress)

The Adventures of Bluejay -- The story of the bard Bluejay: how he first encounters the trickster god Way-lin and the effect Way-lin's evil starts to have on the world. Bluejay tries to chronicle and correct as much of this as he but it is more than one man can handle. Finally, he makes the ultimate sacrifice and gives up his freedom so that the whole story of the Way-lin can be recorded and at some point released to the world. (plotted)

Books Planned
(titles are tentative)
Mana Storm -- The story of Michael Grey and his family. Michael has powerful enemies and many of them are involved with the evil clans left behind by Way-lin. Michael attempts to foil these evil plots but cannot and ultimately is pays the supreme price.

War of the Clans (likely a series of books) -- The story of how the elves, frustrated by the clans of Way-lin, and how they plan and execute their solution to the problem. The result is a global war. Essence --The story of how essence, magic water containing the lifeforce, is discovered and used to end the War of the Clans.

Slavers -- The story of how the slavers threaten to plunge the world back into war by stealing Essence.

The Legend of the Crescent Moon -- The story of how the Clans of Way-lin began a search for a child withe crescent moon birthmark who is said to herald the apocalypse.

The End of All Things -- The story of how the supply of Essence is destroyed, the clans of Way-lin killed, and the world restored to its original order.