Friday, April 13, 2012

Double Life

Most writers live a double life:  their "normal" life that lets them pay the bills and get on in this world and the other life -- the one that lets them write.  If you are lucky these are the same, but for most that's not true. The writer has to find time to write and sacrifice relationships, experiences, and other things he or she would normally do.

I find this a very sad state of affairs.  In an age where anyone can be recognized and be granted fame or fortune (or perhaps both) courtesy of the Internet and a viral video or blog post, I have to say isn't time we drop the charade?  Let writer write.

I know that's not likely or even possible for a lot of economical and financial reasons but I'm tired of all the charades and gaming playing I do in my life and just want a simpler way.

Maybe I'm just lazy.  Maybe.  I can feel myself wanting to slow down and not work as hard, at least on most things besides my writing.  And I suppose if I wrote every day I might feel differently.  But that's the double life at work.  All the intrusions from that life prevent me from writing daily.  And since I identify with my writing life as the real one, it feels like I'm only half alive.

And that's not likely to change any time soon, I don't think.  A pity.  I much prefer my writing life to my other one.

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