Friday, December 9, 2011

Paraphernalia and Other Things

I heard back from the publisher the other day just long enough to know that they got my contact information and they will be in touch by December 20.  So now I wait.

Meanwhile a friend of mine (the last person I thought would self-publish) decided to release a book on Smashwords.  I spoke with him about this and decided it was time I released my short work on Smashwords while I writing Book 3 and proof Book 2.

So my first short story is on its way.  Long time readers of this blog may remember I wrote this story, Baby Muran, in May 2010.  I re-read it the other day and it still holds up.  So off it goes.

I did struggle to work out cover art for the story.  I'm not artist but Smashwords requires a cover image.  I can't use the artist for my novels because she costs too much to use for everything.  For the novel that takes months to write, that one thing.  So a bunch of small items too, I can't afford her.

So I dug into the clip art collection I have and found an image to use.

Now I'm struggling with Smashwords.  It also lets me upload occasionally.  So it will be a few days I think before the story is available.

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