Monday, December 19, 2011

Lightning But No Sparks

I reported about a week and half ago that I had heard from the publisher that wanted to purchase the rights to my novel, Aure the Topaz.  I was told, after supplying my contact information that I would hear from them within two weeks.  That time is nearly expires and I've not heard a word.

This makes my wonder: were they serious about the contract or are they slow and understaffed?  I can certainly appreciate if it is the latter, but without so much as a 'Hello, please standby' kind of message, I'm forced to think that this is a large joke on me.

Does that sound paranoid or like I'm feeling persecuted?  Maybe it does, but in my own defend let me say that I've had nothing but an uphill climb getting my stories written and out to the general public.  Each step is like I'm wearing a lead weight while climbing an incline and attempting to balance a stack of dishes on my head without any of them breaking.

But I'm also angry because as a joke this one is in very poor taste.  I don't want to miss an opportunity but I don't want to get hung up here either with a publisher that will not ultimately produce the book.  This is especially true now that I know the book is good enough to be published by a small press.  If these folks want it, others are likely to as well.  I just need to find them.

But for now I will sit tight and see what happens.  Given it took a week for them to get back to me, after I sent my contact information, I think they may be very slow.  So I'm going to give them a little extra time.  How much time remains to be seen.  It depends on when my patience runs out.

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