Monday, December 5, 2011

Lightning Strikes

Back in October I submitted my first novel to a publisher because they claimed to help writers get published.  They've come back now and have agreed to publish it.

That's right binky.  I found a publisher who wants to buy my work.  I have been offered a contract.

They asked from my contact information, which I supplied and I am now wait to hear from them on details.

Despite this development,  I don't feel like this is done deal because these guys are really small.  By my count they have only three novels out with a four due Q1 2012.  In this economy they could fold before they are ready to starting my project.  

Additionally, I have many questions about the deal:  Can I use the existing cover art I have?  Will they be willing to publish the other books in the series when they are ready?  Which rights am I transferring to them and for how long?  If I'm unhappy after six months or a year, will the publication rights revert back to me so can I go find another publisher?  Have they been successful so far with their other novels?  If yes, how do they know?  What measures are they using?  What size will the first print run be or will they use a print-on-demand service?

Notice there are no questions about payment because I'm not really interested in that part.  However, I will insist that I be paid something.  I'm sure they have standard deals when they sign someone.  I just need to figure when that is.

So until I hear from them (it's been a week now) and have a signed deal, I'm not breaking open any champagne.  This whole development, while good news, remains a little too much like vaporware.  I can't see it or touch so it does not exist... yet.

Still it does tell me that the novel is good, as I suspected, despite the three star reviews I got last year.  The book is better than that.

Meanwhile life goes on.  Work on Book 3 continues.

You can be sure that more information on this event will be shared once I know more.

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