Monday, February 28, 2011

Revision is a Harsh Mistress

I've been revising my novel.  No news there.

But I've been revising it for six weeks and what I've discovered is revision -- really good revision -- is really hard.  I don't know why it took umpteen drafts to get to this point but I've hit bone I think.  I've finally got the words where I  want them.

So I'm hoping it sells. If not, back to self-publishing.

But I've discovered a few other things too.  Revision is a lonely process and I've been fighting feelings of isolation.  The fact that it is winter in New England (where I live) does not help.

I really need a break but I've have only half the book revised and I want to complete it this quarter so I can move onto to Books 2 and 3.  Worse still, I heard the siren sound of other things calling me.  If I answer that call, I will not return to this work I'm sure.

So I will stay the course.  In the meantime, I am planning Book 3.  It is partially written and needs much attention.  The good news there is that it will give me something new to work on, which helps during my bouts of revising Book 1.

Support from others would probably be good too but I don't belong to a writer's group (I can't seem to find one I like) and I've all but dropped out of my social media sites for now.

I'll be back, but not for some weeks yet.  Still it's all good.

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