Friday, February 18, 2011

Self-Published Payment

I recently got paid from some of the sales on my self-published novel.  For those curious how Smashwords does this, let me explain.

They pay once a quarter, 30 days after the quarter ends.  And sure enough early in February (should have been January) I got a mail that money was being sent to my PayPal account.  I moved it into my bank account days later.

What I find odd is that not all my sales to date are reflected in that payment.  For example, I got a sale from the Apple store through Smashwords in November, but that money has yet to reach me.

Likewise, I got a sale from Barnes and Noble in December but not payment.

Now we aren't talking large amounts of money here (maybe $6) but it is really the principle and it is really surprising because I thought payments would be a touch smoother.

Just one more wrinkle in the self-publishing game I guess.

Who knew?

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