Monday, April 1, 2013

Stories Keep on Coming

I keep getting ideas for short stories. No sooner is one put away and drafted then another crystalizes in my mind. I just finished a story called Telescopevision, about an astronomer who discovered how to capture light from a distance planet in such detail that he can see the actions of the people living there. The catch comes when that world turns out to be a twin of his own and about three months in the future, allowing him to see that he will be kidnapped by gangsters.

That story took months for me to sort out the details and determine how best to tell that story. So what happens? I complete the draft and put it away and the another story occurs to me that night about a runaway slave who is questioned about his involvement in aiding slave smugglers so they can be freed.

And all of this other writing is keeping me from revising Book 4. I suppose it's not really a problem. I bigger problem would be if the ideas didn't come. Still I'd like to get on with the writing I planned to do. But that's how it happens sometimes, the muse throws you a curve.

But I'll muddled through and get back to Book 4 soon I'm sure. In the meantime, I can go pester the folks at the library about my author reading since they have yet to respond to my inquiries. I've got a feeling they won't until I really show I'm serious about this. But I've gone after jobs before so I can apply my cold calling skills to this and I should yield a result.

Keep writing everyone.

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