Friday, April 26, 2013

More Delays

Since my publisher is Boston-based, it occurred to me to ask them if the recent events in the city had affected them. They had that their productivity suffered and as a result everything is delayed. Physical proofs, for example, which I should've already had in my hands, won't be sent to me now until next week some time.

Worse still, the release date of my book is pushed back to July 9. So now I'm asked about the date for the pre-sale because I committed to go to Chelmsford to talk about Book 1. I did that assuming the book would be available in the next few days. Now that won't be true so if they move the pre-sale date as well, there's really no point in talking about my novel and getting people interested in it because they can't order it and they can't purchase it.

But I don't want to back out either. Not unless I need to. Frankly I don't see why the book can't be made available for pre-sale at the end of May as originally planned. But then I don't control these things. The publisher does and I've received an answer to my question regarding the date for pre-sale.

So I'm keeping my fingers crossed and hoping for the best. This may be one of those times when relying on luck is the best plan.

Keep writing everyone.

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