Monday, February 11, 2013

Little to Say

I've have very little to say at the moment. I haven't been writing because the blizzard that came through has sap my strength for the moment. I've been forced to dig out from snow banks up to be knees or hips.

The storm also knocked out the power to the entire town and I spent all most of Saturday without power or heat. Then when power was restored, I had to sit with to furnace to get the heat going again. The pilot light keeps going out and it took several hours of relighting it to get to stay lit.

And yet I've been lucky. There are many in nearby towns who still have no power or heat. But I don't feel lucky. I'm tired and sore and in no mood to write. Not yet. But I will eventually.

Meanwhile the publisher is still trying to get the color of the gem right in the cover samples they are sending me. I'm sure it a color calibration thing but I until I see the physical proof, I can't sign off.

Keep writing, if you can.

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