Friday, February 8, 2013

Just Can't Seem to Get it Right

My publisher sent me a new cover. It had the corrections I wanted except for the color of the gem. I don't know what they can't get that right. I sent them a mock-up of a golden gem and they gave me something lime green.

It may be our monitors are calibrated differently. So to give them the benefit of the doubt I said I can't approve the cover now. I need to see the physical proof, which they told me was planned. It is the only way I'll know for sure.

But it is odd that the color is so far off. And I would show the cover here but I can't do that yet. It still is only an internal draft. But I did look at the image on different computers and each one give me the same lime green.

I suppose the artist could be color blind or perceive greens in an odd way. But I've never heard of that. And yet I have no other explanation. I know my eyes are good because I've had them checked recently.

Guess, I'll wait for the proof like I said.

Keep writing everyone.

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