Friday, September 30, 2011

They meant well, I'm sure

Google released a Blogger app for my phone and I tried it last night.  I wrote a short post to see how well it worked and I thought I saved it as an unpublished draft.  But it is not here and it is not in my phone.  So it is gone like the morning mist.

It's really too bad it did work.  I gotta think that the one app that will work the best is the one made by the folks who host the blog in the first place.

Very strange and very curious.

There is another app I can try is the Blogger app doesn't work out.  I found an app for the iPad that looks interesting, called Blogpress, I think.  It costs $2.99.  That's not much but I'm trying not to spend money on apps if I can avoid it.  So I've not gotten that app.

To be honest I'm being lazy about it.  The need for blog from my phone or iPad is more a whim and a luxury than anything else.  I don't really need this capability, but it would be nice.  And isn't that the point of technology?  To make our lives easier or better.

The problem, however, in most cases, is we substitute the interact with the machine for interaction with people.  The reason is obvious, human interactions are complex and varied.  You never know if saying hello to someone else will get you a hello back or a some other response.

The computer, on the other hand, is predictable and we need that, especially in the chaotic world we live in.  A little predictability is welcome.  When you add to that the fact the computer also serves as an entertainment source (and we are all entertainment addictions) it is easy to see why people replaced face-to-face interactions with surfing the web or watching videos online.

Well, I'm going to go check out the Blogger app a little more.  I'll write again soon.

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