Monday, September 26, 2011

Time to Face the Music

Book 2 has entered a brief production phase.  I'm doing the work needed to get the novel to reviewers so I'm collecting the front and back matter and thinking about a cover.  When I'm done I will create a Kindle version of the book and send out to review.

At the suggestion of someone on Facebook, I've decided to try BookRooster.  They charge a small administration fee and put in front of 10 reviewers.  This is perfect for me because I really want to keep writing (Book 3 awaits) but I also want to know where the story is weak.

Most of the comments aren't likely to bother me since this isn't while a finished draft but I am nervous about taking this step.  I mean, I think the story is complete and really good, but I could be wrong.  If people hate it then what do I do?

I think I had these same concerns for Book 1.  But Book 1 is a much simpler story.  Aside from some character development (which is a matter of opinion) Book 1 does exactly what it sets out to do.

Book 2 is more complex with one story morphing into another and then a twist at the end.  It's the twist, I'm worried about; people may say it's contrived.  And to a certain extend that's true but it is the characters contriving for other characters.  Wheels within wheels.

Still, I really have no choice.  The book needs reviewers so that I have the feedback I need to write the best novel possible.  I need to know what does not work so I can revise and fix those sections.  Hopefully no one will hate it.  But unless all the reviewers think it sucks I'm probably going to release it as soon as I can.

I just wish those damn butterflies in my stomach would find another home.

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