Monday, May 16, 2011


Today it my wedding anniversary (twelve years today) so I won't tarry long here.  However, this is a time that I look back on things.  For example, the blog is almost one year old.  Its anniversary is later this month.  It's been an amazing year too.  I never expected to be able to sustain the blog this long and there are certainly times when I'd rather pitch it in to the sea.  And yet I'm still here and I keep finding things to say.  Go figure.  I guess you really can't shut up a writer...

Another amazing thing is my first novel is published and I've got several short stories posted here, in Scribd, and in Wattpad.  I expect to submit my revised version of the novel to the publisher who wants to read it later this month.

After that I am done tinkering.  It will have its own life.  The publisher will either accept it or not.  And if not, the novel will be released to the public through Smashwords, Wattpad, Amazon, Apple, and other places.  I expect to drop the price to $0.00 too.  That's right.  I will be giving it away to encourage people to read it.

Why?  Because so far, sales are low but downloads from Smashwords are respectable.  So I'm thinking to encourage people to read the book, make it free.  So far, the people who have read it have not been disappointed.  So I need a way to get more people to try it.  Removing the price is one way.

That does not mean the other books in the series will be free.  On the contrary, just the opposite.  And speaking of other books, I am starting to tackle the work needed to bring Book 2 together.  However, it may take longer than I thought.  This time around I need to explore all the main characters more and that has led to more writing and more complications.  But the work progresses.

That's about it for me.  Until next time, keep writing.

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