Sunday, October 27, 2013

Life Resumes

With my first novel published, life resumes its normal flow with the added piece that I'm now thinking about how to promote the book. Aside from that, I continue to revise Book 2 and I've begun to plan out Book 5.

Work on poems and short stories continues as well. And I continue to plod along taking care of my house, my dogs, the car, and spending time with my wife.

Just regular things that everyone does.

That said, there is a book launch event that is supposed to happen. The publisher is arranging that. I've asked for details because I've not herd a word. And this morning, it appears that I've sold one or two short stories. I need to check my mail to be sure.

Additionally, I've begun work on arranging an event at my local library so that I can have the local TV station cover it and/or interview me. I really want a TV interview to spread the word about my book.

This is the new normal I guess. And I'll find out in January when the sales numbers come in how success -- or not -- I've been.

Keep writing everyone.

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