Sunday, October 6, 2013

Aure, the Topaz, Book 1 of the Aglaril Cycle

I like to think that I'm not so arrogant or full of myself that I can't admit when I wrong. And at those times, I'd like to think that I can just admit it and move on. So here goes.

I never really expected to receive a physical proof of my novel because the publisher seems so inept. But over the last month they've been proving me wrong repeatedly and this past week they put the icing  on that cake. The physical proof on Wednesday and I approved it.

This opens up the floodgates for everything else needed to release the book to happen.

The release date is October 22 but you can order the paper version from Amazon and Barnes & Noble. The electronic versions should be in stores soon for those with book readers and tables.

After that I'm not sure what happens. I asked about a book launch event. The publisher is going to handle that. I will be getting the word out too. So if you know anyone who likes to read fantasy novels, please spread the word.

Beyond that I guess I need to think about attending book promotion events like ReaderCon. And I need to get moving on Book 2.

Keep writing everyone.

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