Monday, December 3, 2012

I'll Keep it Brief

I had hoped to have been able to share here some few details about the book design document my publisher said was coming last week. But I've not received anything so, of course, I can't. I've been told that the document will include information on the font being used in Book 1 and will give me my initial peak at the cover art.

That's where my interest lies. What will the cover of the book look like?

I suppose I shouldn't be too surprised that they are late again with something they have promised. They seem to run late on everything. The contract took months longer than I thought it would. And the first round of revisions weren't started until about a month after I gave them the final draft.

Perhaps that's normal; I don't know as I've not worked with any other publisher. But it seems to me if you set my expectation you had better meet that expectation. On the other hand, a few more days won't make much difference. Still, I think I will prod them a little to see what is going on.

And if I receive something between now and my next post, I'll share what I can.

Keep writing, everyone.

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