Friday, December 14, 2012

Cover Art

My publisher did send me a design brief on schedule but for some reason I did not receive the email. I followed up with them and they resent it. The brief showed my the fonts they were thinking of using on the cover and some sample images.

My reply was for them to create a crude cover so I could see the overall effect. They did this and immediately they realized one of the fonts was not going to work.

They are now in the progress of develop multiple cover designs for my review. My only real requirement for the artwork is that it be a scene from the book showing the gem about which all the action revolves. The title is Aure, the Topaz after all. It should be front and center.

That's my opinion; I don't know if the publisher agrees. We'll see.

I am also told that once we settle on the cover art, they will start looking at and discussing with me book promotion, book tours, and that sort of thing.

I can't wait. This is really what the last year has been about. Getting to this point.

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