Monday, June 25, 2012

A Thousand Words a Day

A blog on writing should have a post or two about this topic, something I've not done in awhile, I know.  Of course, I've been busy with other things.  Revision of Book 2 has slowed to a crawl but ironically, I'm writing more poems and short stories.  I don't really understand why.

Perhaps it has something to do with the passing of Ray Bradbury.  On news of this death I immediately cracked open my copy of the October Country, which is a collection of short stories.  I am re-reading them and thinking about them more than I did the first time I read them.  Perhaps this has got my mind thinking of things other than my novels.

Or perhaps the ideas have been lurking there and now that I'm going to be published I've given myself permission to open the floodgates and let the deluge sweep into the valley below and damn the consequences.

I don't know.  All I can say is I'm busier than ever working on all manner of things.  I completed my fifth tale of Marngol and I've created a print version of the first three.  The fourth tale is entered into a competition.  Once I hear back about it, I'll probably add tales 4 and 5 to the collection I started.  Meanwhile, I'm already looking for tale number 6.

At the same time, stories that have taken place in the world of my novels are presenting themselves.  I've already got three written.  The first is out on Smashwords; it's about the first dragon, Asbith and how she died.

The other completed stories are marinating.  The other ideas for stories are waiting but they don't wait quietly.  They rattle the gate to be let out and so I've been taking notes and writing as fast as I can.  Why just yesterday, I banged out Marngol tale #5 about 4000 words in an afternoon.  That wasn't easy and I wasn't even sure where the story was going until about halfway through.

No wonder I'm tried.  I need to rest my mind.  But that's not likely.  The goal, as Bradbury would say, is 1000 words a day.  No small feat.

Oh well.  Keep writing everyone.

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