Friday, June 15, 2012

Social media needs to be organic

I've been looking at my time management because suddenly I'm very busy.  As I prepare for my book launch -- which is months away -- I've been preparing my web site, a media kit, business card, a book trailer and other items I'll want or need.

As part of this, I've decided to write a many short stories as I can and put them in collections.  I've not done this before because short story writing is hard for me.  Ironic.  I can write a multi-book fantasy series, but short stories somehow elude me.

Well, not really.  Short stories need to be focused and to the point and I prefer a wide canvas, showing the way life is, pleasant or not.

As part of my time management review, I've concluded that social media as it is now, it a waste of time.  There is no way I can keep up and go to all the forums and sites I should and post something meaningful unless I give up a good portion of my writing.  And some sites seem completely pointless.  Foursquare comes to mind here.  After using it for a few weeks, I just don't see the point.

To be effective, social media needs to be more organic, like breathing.  I shouldn't have to think about it; if I blog it should automatically go to all the sites I want it to.  Currently that's not true because Blogger doesn't interfere with Tumblr and Tumblr doesn't talk to Blogger.  To get post on Goodreads, I had to set up a pull from the blog's RSS feed, when I would have preferred a push from here, the way Facebook and Twitter are set up.

So I'm going on a social media diet.  Perhaps when this thing is like a Frankenstein's monster and all the pieces fit better together I'll do more.  But right now I'm too busy writing and getting ready for the release of my first novel.

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