Monday, February 13, 2012

Which is Worse?

I met with my intellectual property lawyer to go over the publishing agreement I received.  After an hour of discussion, I went home and I wrote to the publisher with a list of items that I believe need clarification or adding to the agreement.  I am now waiting to hear back.  If the publisher agrees to these changes, I will sign the agreement.  If not, I go back to life before I got the agreement.

Yes Virginia, even though I've been pining for an agreement like this one, I am prepared to walk away if certain items are not in the agreement.  Ironic, huh?  This raised an interesting issue in my mind: which is worse, getting an agreement that is imperfect knowing that I will get other things that I want or denying myself this opportunity and continuing to pine for such an arrangement?

I can't answer the question.  Neither path is one I would choose for myself.  I would prefer a better agreement (hence the list of changes) but that is out of my hands.  It is up to the publisher now.  So I'm holding my breath and waiting.  If I don't hear break in a week I will send a reminder mail.  And if I don't have an answer by the end of the month, I will pass on the deal because I can't wait forever.  There are other publishers, after all.

So we'll see.  Wish me luck which in this case I'm not sure which side that puts me on but luck is always are good thing.  As I've noted earlier, sometimes luck is your best plan.  This may well be one of those times.  We'll see.

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