Friday, February 3, 2012

Going Off Course

Does this happen you: you have an idea for a scene, some dialogue, a blog post.  You know how it will go; you run it through your mind repeatedly to be sure.  Then you sit down to capture and it come out completely different from your original idea.

This happens to me a lot.  I can ideas while sleeping or half awake and by the time I write them down I'm way off course.  I assume that's the nature of writing, that in my half conscious state I fail to fully take into account all sides or views and when I do changes are inevitable.

I guess this is one more sign that we live in an imperfect world and it is too bad because very often the original idea is awesome, get not feasible in the context I am using it.

I suppose I could change the context; that would give me even more to write, however, and I'm full up at the moment.

Hell, I can bare get this post written before dashing off to something else.

Friday are like that often; it's as if the week were saving up all its tasks and then at the end of the week dumps them all on me to complete all at once.

Oh well.  Gotta go.  Keep writing everyone.

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