Friday, February 24, 2012


Time for a bunch of updates across a number of topics that I've written about recently:

I keep having trouble with Twitter.  Apparently it is not very secure.  People can fake your identity and get your login information very easily.  My phone app does not even require my password to access my profile.  And so if you get spam and login to the fake login form, the hackers can get your info and the name of your followers and spam more people.  The whole thing is a mess.  What's worse is that Twitter changed my password recently, so I went back to my old one, which the spammers still have and everyone connected to my was spammed.  I've changed my password again and have to hope this is behind me but I think not.  The spammers aren't going away and Twitter can change my password at any time it appears.  If I didn't need social media for book promotion, I'd close down my Twitter account without another thought.

Book negotiations continue.  The publisher has all the changes I want to see in the publishing agreement.  I now need to see the revised agreement so I can sign it.  I doubt it will be this month, but one never knows about these things.  We'll see.

I'm finally getting around to pulling together a real web site.  Up till now, I've be using this blog as my site. I don't think that will work moving forward so I'm building a new place.  So some of the links are the top of the page will move to the new location and I'll probably add a link to the site once it is ready.

What prompted this is Amazon's policies for book reviews.  My site will have all the reviews of my books in one place.  This is not ideal but what else can I do?

Work on Book 3 is down to a crawl.  I'm hoping to change that soon.  Currently the draft stands at about 54,000 words and I'm about halfway through.  So I've got a lot more writing to do.  And I doubt I will be done by the end of March.  But I might be if I really focus on this work.

This about it for now.  Keep writing everyone.

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