Friday, January 6, 2012

Didn't I Do this Last Year?

Sigh.  I've got this strange feeling more and more that I've travelled back in time and am doing many of the same tasks I did last year.  In January, for example, I collect the forms I need to pay my taxes and purchase the tax software I need to complete them.  At the same time, all my deductibles for my medical insurance kick in now and last unless I satisfy them.

Next month I will file my taxes and begin paying my car insurance.  The car insurance payments last until about April or May when I need to pay my house insurance.  Somewhere in there is my wife's birthday, our anniversary, the renewal date for my web site, and a host of other things that I'd swear I just took care of.

I guess this is why I feel time is rushing past me like wind in a tunnel.  I know that's my imagination and a function of some law of other, whose name I don't even know.  The law goes something like this:  the rate at which time seems to pass is based on the age of the person and their level of stress.  Mathematically this can be expressed as:

T = A * SL

where T is the speed at which time is perceived to pass, A is the age of the person perceiving time passing, and SL is the person's stress level, rated from 1 to 10.  From this we see that for young children time passes more slowly than for a 30-year old with a stress level of 5 or 10.

This is in no way scientific, of course, but it does help to explain how I feel and why I have the sense of repeating the same tasks I just completed not that long ago.

I'm begin to think that the year should have 24 months in it so that we can use the second set of 12 months to rest from the first set of 12.

Or it could be I need a vacation.  Yes, that could very well be it.

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