Friday, October 21, 2011


To my knowledge none of my novels or short stories have a theme ... unless it is the general one of good over evil.  That one sort of comes with the fantasy genre in which I write.  But I doubt there is any other theme -- at least I don't think there is.

I am told that there probably is a theme but I'm too close to see it.  I'm not so sure of that.  Because as I look at the entire series and I see how it unfolds, I notice a few patterns.  I have three characters who are orphans from a young age.  Is there a theme there?  I don't know.  If you count the magic gems as a character, that's four characters (I'd rather not count each gem individually because they all act the same way and are intended to be a unit).

I also have two characters that have estranged relations with one of their parents.  Theme?   No, other than it happens.

I suppose one theme of the series if you work hard you succeed, but that's not always true and I know it.

I do touch on and show racial tensions (between humans and elves, humans and goblins, and elves with elves; they are a divided race), refugees from war, and abducted children, but in the fantasy settings they look very different and are handled in a different way.  Plus I don't know that I say anything about them other than these things are in the world.  Be careful.

In one draft of the series I did make the point that humans are mostly driven by fear; I think I'm likely to make that point again if it works in the revise, but point comes later in the cycle, book 6 I think and I'm nowhere near ready to even think about that yet.

I suppose this all begs the question:  is a theme required or necessary?  No, not in fantasy novels and frankly I'm not trying for one, nor would I know how to construct and reinforce a theme even if the wind blew one into my story like a lost dandelion.  On the other hand, if you can find themes in your work great; water them.  Nurture them.  But for me I've got a black thumb not a green one.  Themes entering my domain are like Frodo in Mordor, I'm afraid.

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