Friday, August 19, 2011

The Second Time Around

I'm closing in on completing my second novel.  I didn't think I'd get here what with all the interruptions and delays.  But I'm revising the last third of it now so it should be complete in about six weeks, eight weeks at the outside unless I stop working on it entirely.

This time around I've tried to learn from my mistakes in the first book.  So the plot is more complex.  The characters are more developed.  The book is longer.  Seeds are planted for the third book.  All kinds of goodies are in this novel and yet I face many of the same issues I did in the first novel.

For one, there is no one who I can give the book to for their reaction.  I have to hope everything works as I intend (and I'm sure that's not true).  To address this issue, I've been looking for reading groups.  Goodreads comes to mind but I've had little luck there.  I think I'll try Scribd and see what happens.

Notice, I'm not looking for writing groups because I want to put the novel in front of readers for their reaction.  I don't need writing snobs telling me the book isn't any good because the writing stinks.  Personally, I've had my fill of writing snobs.

Someone on Facebook pointed me to Meetup which has all kinds of meetings but nothing of these meetings seem to fit my needs.

I surprised it is so hard to find someone who is willingly to read the story and give my feedback.  I must be looking in the wrong places.  Well, I'll figure it out eventually.

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