Monday, August 22, 2011


I've always like using my imagination and get lost in some fancy that I would dream up.  This is one reason I write fantasy novels in the first place.

But the flip side of that are nightmares.  I don't generally remember my dreams but one thing I've found is as I do more writing, my imagination is more active and I remember my dreams more.

Often this is fine.  The dreams I remember are bizarre and could not possibly happen because in many case physical laws are suspended.  My imagination apparently never heard of Newton or Einstein.

But when the dream turns dark and taps my fears the following morning is not pleasant.  I keep remembering and reliving the dreams, haunting by feeling that are irrational.

Today is one such morning.  Perhaps I should just take a few notes and fill these dreams away as story ideas.  Or perhaps, I'm trying to tell myself something.

I'm not sure I believe that all dreams mean something.  Some do and I've had a few like that.  But these latest ones are so unsettling and so bizarre that I think the real world is invading my dreams and turning them upside down.

Perhaps I'm working on too many things at once.  That's possible and it wouldn't be the first time.  But simplifying one's life is hard.  We all can't go walking into the wilderness and living in a log cabin for awhile, mostly because there is much less wilderness than there used to be and most of would be lost without our cell phones, tablets, and wireless internet.

Perhaps I need to turn off the technology for a while and see how I do.  Of course, that could be a bigger nightmare than the ones in my dreams.  We'll see.

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