Friday, December 31, 2010

Be Careful What you Wish for

I could kick myself.  Two years ago now, I accepted the help of an 'editor' on the suggestion of a writer friend of mine.  This 'editor' runs a publishing shop in New Hampshire and was willing to help me clean up my first book, Aure, the Topaz.

However, this guy has done more harm than good it seems.  First of all, he told me things that weren't true. For example, he told me that each book I wrote had to stand alone.  I found out later from other fantasy writers that is not true, particularly in a series, which I am writing.

Second, he told me that since my story was about find the lost Aglaril (magic elven gems) I would need one book for each gem.  I'm pretty that's not true either.

Third, he read my introductory chapters, which describe the effort of Michaeline knights to locate some necromancers among some ruins.  Never once did he say, this has nothing to do with the story, why it is here?  More importantly, he also did not point out the impression this opening would have on readers.  Since most bookstores provide a free sample of the first 10 or 20% of the book, all readers see this part and come away with the wrong impression of the book.

God knows what else he told me that is wrong.  No wonder I've had such a hard time selling this novel.

Guess I have to chock this up to experience and do better next time.

The moral:  Be careful who's advice you seek and accept.  You might be better off without it.

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