Monday, November 12, 2012

The Silence was Deafening

Somewhere in the mix I broke Twitter. Or more accurately I broke the automatic feed of my blog posts to Twitter. I think it happened when I reset my passwords recently but I'm not sure. Worse still, when I went to fix the problem, I found that the blog no longer supports -- or does not seem to -- send the output to Twitter.

So I used another, easier method to fix the problem. But that explains why responses from Twitter went to zero. I thought that odd; now I know why.

The lesson here is this: when you connect social media, make sure you check the connection and update it whenever you change your passwords.

By my estimation, folks on Twitter did not see three weeks of blog posts. That's not the end of the world, but that's not good for me -- the struggling fledging novelist who is trying to build an audience.

I think the other hint about all this was Klout. I'm not a big fan of Klout. I don't think you can measure social influence the way they say. But even so, my Klout score has dropped over this same period and one reason could well be the disconnection between Twitter and my blog.

I'll be watching to see, now that the connection is repaired, whether the score improves.

Meanwhile, I am continuing to re-read Book 3 and write Book 4. That will be my life for the next few months I'm sure.

Keep writing everyone.

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