Friday, October 12, 2012

Vivid Recollections

It’s funny how the mind works sometimes. You hear a song and memories from long ago come flooding back. Or someone dies and you remember all the special times with that person.

When my father died that’s what happened to me. I remembered the one Celtics game we went to together. He was a huge Celtics fan. And that sparked a memory of a Red Sox game we went to years before.

I remembered his pacing when he talked on the phone, the little speeches he liked to gave at special occasions, his fondness for old bad jokes, and how we would come down on Saturdays and say, “What fun and exciting things are we going to do today?”

The question was rhetorical because he worked most Saturdays and my brothers and I had schoolwork to do usually.

Now it’s happened again. I’ve been remembering my first day in college. My mother helped my find my way in downtown Boston. I was enrolled at Northeastern University that September.

And the reason this memory came rushing back is my mother was taken to the hospital. She hasn’t been hospitalized since she gave birth to her children. The good news is she is not dying. But she had surgery to remove a gallstone and must recovery from that.

Additionally, she has an ulcer caused by bacteria in her small intestine. That is treatable but -- taken with everything else -- creates a serious situation one that requires my utmost attention.

The exact table time for release is TBD but when she is back home I’m probably going to have to stay with her and take care of her, putting my life on hold, which means no blogging, or novel writing, or other extracurricular activities.

So consider this a heads up. If the blogging stops, you’ll know why.

In the meantime, I’ll try to keep writing; but in all honesty, my heart’s not in it just now.

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