Friday, October 19, 2012

Roller coaster Ride

With my mother in the hospital last week, it's been like riding a roller coaster. First there's good news then not-so-good news. Finally she was released Monday to a rehab facility for physical therapy.

About the same time something unexpected happened. I started thinking about new poems and revisions for Book 2. My mind is eager to return to writing and I don't think I want to hold it back. So I'll be getting to that soon.

Meanwhile Book 1 is in layout and I am eagerly waiting for work to start on the book cover. That should be lots of fun and answer several questions regarding how they see the book. I expect this to be a wild ride too.

And to top it off we had an earthquake just north of us the other day. I felt the floor underneath me ripple once as the shockwave went by. No damage to the house that I can find and no gas leaks, fortunately, but what an odd experience.

I think I will stop complaining about snowstorms if my choice is snow or earthquakes.

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