Monday, May 21, 2012

Writing Novels is Like Owning a Small Business

I don't suppose this comes as a shock to everyone but I suddenly realized that writing and selling novels is like owning a small business.  I never really appreciated that until the other day.  I was giving my web site an overall when this thought popped into my head.

I wish I had realized this sooner.  I took no business courses in college.  I have little knowledge of running a business.  Still, I know a few things.  For example, I know I need to advertise my work.  That's what the  web site is for.  And the book trailer.  And what my Facebook Fan Page is for.

It is not why I blog.  That's to get my name out there.  Name recognition is a little different.  But I digress.

I suppose I should point out here that I don't have a book trailer yet.  I did the storyboards for it the other day.  The publisher liked it so we'll see what comes of that.

Like all businesses, I have inventory.  At the moment, these come in the form of my published work.  Since all my work is self-published, there is no warehouse with stories in it.  However, that will change when the publisher prints my first novel.

I also have inventory of unpublished work.  This ranges from work I'm holding for one reason or another to ideas that need developing.

And like all small business owner, I tend to mine on a regular basis.  Whether I'm revising of scene, writing a new chapter, following people on Twitter, or considering how to market my book, it all contributes to the business in a small way.

Eventually it should all add up into sales.  That's the hope and the goal but I can't be sure until the book is available for purchase.

Personally, I'm thinking that when the book trailer is posted, a lot more people will sit up and take notice.  I certainly hope so.

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