Monday, May 14, 2012

A Writer's Work is Never Done

I've been saying my work is never done as a variant on the one adage for years.  But it turns out to be true.  My publisher tells me they want to review Book 2 now.  I just sent them Book 1 for edits and such. And they want to see Book 2.

I really have to get moving then because it can't go the way it is; it's too messy.  And since it is over 100,000 words it will take me a bit of time to wade through it.  So much for a relaxing summer.

On the other hand, I really need the feedback on Book 2, but not so soon.  Guess, I'll stop tinkering with my web site and focus more on writing.  But my revision process can't be rushed.  It requires time so I can think about the scenes I'm revising.

I'm hoping they'll accept a partial submission.  I should have about the first twenty chapters revised soon.  If not, then they'll have to wait a bit because I really can't let the book out without one more revision on my part.

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