Monday, November 7, 2011

Report card

I thought I'd take stock of all my writing projects to see where they are.  This will help me get organized and focus on what I need to do.

Aure the Topaz is in the hands of a publisher and I am waiting to hear back.  I've completed a round of edits recently and don't plan any more changes to it.  I just need a way to get the book in the hands of readers.

Vorn the Onyx is complete.  I was proofreading it with the intent to give it to some reviewers but I got sidetracked.  I'm going to have to get back to that.  A cover for the book is in the works too.

Telep the Diamond is being written now.  The writing is slow but it is coming along.  I expect the writing to go faster soon as the action picks up.  Right now it seems mired in character development and soap opera.  I will definitely need to look at all that in the second draft.

The few short stories I have written in the latest few years are collecting dust.  I have no plans to work on them or get them out for publication.  I will defer that work until the Aglaril Cycle is complete I think.

The poems I have are another matter.  I have a poem being published in an anthology.  This is no big deal because it is part of a scheme for me to buy the book and help the publisher defray their costs.  The poem, Regret, was written for a poetry contest and it won first place or third place; I don't remember exactly.  Months later I saw an ad for another poetry contest.  So I entered it and the next thing I know it is being included in this anthology.  Frankly, if I had known what was going to happen I never would've entered it but its too late now.

But I've got enough poems to publish a book of them I think.  So I might do that or I might wait.  I'll have to review what I've got and what's really good.

So it looks like I need to keep writing poetry and Book 3 and I need to resume reading and editing Book 2.

Good to know.  Back to work.

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