Friday, June 17, 2011

Sales are Up

I've been surprised recently by email from Smashwords.  They reports sales of my novel after several months of no activity.  I think the reason for the change is I added a longer description of the book to the book's profile.

I stopped promoting the book while I was revising it because I didn't want a lot of copies out there from the old version.  Now I'm waiting to hear from the publisher who has shown interest to determine if I unpublish the old version of the book or update it with my revision.

If I update it, my plan is to make the revision freely available to anyone who purchased the old version.  I'll probably cut my price a little too.

If I unpublish, then all these headaches are (more or less) on the shoulder of the publisher.  I say more or less because as the author I am always responsible for promoting my book.  It will take a different form, such as book signings or and beefing up my web site and less work with Smashwords.

It would be great if I received more mail from Smashwords about more sales, but I'm not expecting it or waiting for it.  My second novel calls to me and I need to answer that call, exploring new areas of my characters and seeing what turns up.

I've got my lantern and miner's helmet to go spelunking into these dark depths of my characters.  Wish me luck; I should be back by the time I need to post here again.

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