Friday, October 29, 2010

Being Responsible

Here's a scene we've probably all experienced: you are in the market going down the aisle when someone comes along and cuts in front of you.  She says, "I'm sorry" as she whizzes by, but doesn't really decelerate and is gone in two seconds.

When this happens to me I think, "Where's the fire?" And then I get pissed off because it seems to happen a lot or maybe I just notice it more. It seems to me that lots of folks do this and I have to wonder why.  Is the pace of life so fast that they can't wait a few seconds for someone to go by?  Do they think their needs is more important than mine? Or do they think they can cut corners with no consequences?

I suspect that last reason is closest to the mark.  People try to cut corners and shun responsibility whenever they can.  I don't know why. They are adults; they know how to handle responsibility, don't they?  Does cutting a corner here or there help them cope with life a little better?  Or do they think following rules doesn't apply to them for some reason?

As I said, I can't say. What does occur to me is this: they would make poor writers because as a writer I am responsible for everything in my story from the opening word to the final period.  Me and no one else. If something is wrong with the story it is my fault. It is fails to satisfy  I'm to blame.  I can't hide and I can't take short cuts and I don't like it when others do.

Perhaps I do things the hard way.  Perhaps I'm too logical, too rational, or thinking too much. Perhaps.  But it seems to me that we have rules for a reason.  We ignore them at our peril whether in society or when writing a story or at any other time.

Think about that the next time you want to run a stop sign or cut someone off. Happy writing.

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