Monday, March 25, 2013

Author reading

It appears that my local library will host an author reading. So I'm thinking about suggesting they hold one for me late May or early June prior to the release of my novel. I'll see what they say and if my publisher can supply copies of my novel to sell.

I know nothing about the format or length of such an event. I suppose it would about an hour with me reading various things. On that point, it occurred to me to read some of my poetry, some shorter short stories, and excerpts from my novel. But as I think about that, it seems to be no so good an idea. Perhaps someone in the audience wants to buy my poetry or short stories, what then? I have nothing available in that space and no plans to publish my poetry any time soon.

I think I'm going to have to ask the library and my publisher what to do. And I keep going back and forth who do I ask first? I think I talk to my publisher first to get their input. They're the experts here, not I. That will also let me go to the library with a single request that hopefully will not change.

For anyone reading this who might be interested in attending, I will post the time and date and location once I know what it is.

Stay tuned and keep writing.

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