Monday, July 22, 2013

Everything is Part of a Larger Story

I got my first review of my short story, Baby Muran. I was mostly a positive review. The reviewer said it was well-written and a good adventure, which I agree with. That was the plan for the story all along.

But the reviewer also did that she felt it was part of a larger story. And with this I take issue. Here's why:

In order for the main character to seem real and not flat, he makes reference to things that have no relation to the story. My first draft didn't have those scenes, but the final draft does for exactly the reason I mention. If that makes the story seem incomplete, I'm sorry. That's life or a slice of life.

Additionally, the story is set in a context which I explain, the city was invaded and it now in ruin. The main character is helping to clean up the ruins. This too may seem like there is a larger story but the invasion is back story. The reader may want to know about that, but including is really outside the scope of the story I'm telling.

Still, the reaction of the reviewer is worth noting and I will keep in mind. Who knows, I may revise Baby Muran again.