Sunday, December 6, 2015

Writing is for Sharing, Part 2

I've blogged in other posts that one motivation I have for writing is to share it with others. This view goes back to the earliest days of storytelling when people in the community gathered to hear a story or see it performed.

These days we use other means. I publish my work and others purchase it. But the act of buying published material is not enough because it leaves the cycle of sharing broken and incomplete. The reader must read it and experience it; otherwise there is no sharing of ideas, characters, or plot. As far as I can tell that's not happening with many of the people who purchase my work in the last year.

Of course, it may be that these people, like many avid readers, have very long reading lists, and it takes them months to get to my book. I understand that. All I can say to that is please think about reading my book soon.

It is also possible that I'm wrong; that many of the people who purchase my books have read them but not reviewed them. I don't think that's the case. I explicitly ask each one to post a review of my book in Amazon, because I need them badly. I see no reason for anyone not to do that and so far, no reviews, which I assume this means no one is reading the novels I work so hard to create. That is very disappointing.

It makes me very sad to think that all the people with my book and who have yet to read it, have yet to discover what waits for them. The adventure. The characters. The plot twists. The relevant themes to the world today.

I've got real characters with real problems, and I've set it all in a fantasy world against a background where the world spirals towards war. Aside from the use of magic and a few fantastical monsters, it mirrors our own world which also spirals towards war. 

But I digress. Let me also say that I'm not one to criticize either. I've got lots of books that remain unread or read without any review of them. And my intent here is not to rant, but to make everyone aware how important it is for readers to read the books they buy and then review them. The reviews are more precious than the money I receive for my work. In fact, I am willing to give away the ebook version of any my books in exchange for a review. That's how important reviews are.

The rest lies in the hands of my readers. I trust they will read my work and offer their opinions. I welcome them and eagerly await to read them. With luck, they will like my stories and we will share many other stories in the future.