Saturday, October 4, 2014

Slow Progress

I am progressing slowly toward completing Book 2. I am also thinking of offering a combined volume of Books 1 and 2. But I don't know if that is necessary.

There is interest from readers of Book 1 for Book 2, which is encouraging. And personally, I can't wait to have it done and show two books in the series. It is really hard to have a series with one book. With two, the series is really born.

Updates for the week include:

  • My Kickstarter project was not funded. Work on the graphic novel has stopped.
  • My collection of fantasy short stories, Magic and Melee, is ready. I need to update Smashwords and Amazon with the electronic versions. And I'm debating the best distribution methods for the paper version.
  • Work on the audio version of Aure the Topaz is progressing. We have about 12 chapters left to record.

I'll be at a show in Warwick RI Nov 8. I'll provide more details next week. And I'll be at a local authors fair in Groton Nov 16. I won't have Book 2 for either event. But it will be close.

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