Saturday, September 27, 2014

More to Say

I've been busy with writing stories and book promotion, but that's not what's got me back here writing my blog again.

I read a marketing post recently that suggests I need a newsletter to keep the outside world updated on what's going on.

I thought about that and thought perhaps this blog could serve that purpose.

So here's a quick update:

  • I'm lining up shows to go to through the end of the year. So far I've got four identified for November and December. Check my web site,, for specifics.
  • Work on the audio version of Aure the Topaz is about halfway done.
  • I've collected my six fantasy short stories into a small paperback called Magic and Melee. It is available on Smashwords and I'll be posted to the Kindle store soon. I expect a second collection of stories in a different genre next year.
  • Work on Vorn the Onyx, Book 2 of the Aglaril Cycle, is nearly done. Hope to have this out by the end of the year at the latest. By December would be even better but I think that might be tough to do.
  • My Kickstarter project to convert Aure the Topaz into a graphic novel looks like it will not be funded. So that project is dead.
  • My Goodreads giveaway in August drew 350 readers. 
  • Work on Book 5 is delayed. The word count is over 40,000 but I still have a ways to go. Not really working on it so I can get Book 2 out.
Be sure to also check for other news.