Sunday, April 13, 2014


Once upon a time, people were recognized -- and achieved some measure of greatness -- by their actions and deeds. The fame created by your greatness determined how well known you were.

These days that's not the case. The media has created greatness for people who have done nothing and do nothing worthy of that greatness, or who have been born into a famous family, or have won some made up "reality" show.

I suppose I'm showing my age here, but this sort of thing makes me sick. And it is not sour grapes. I do not aspire to greatness. But I am tried of hearing about this one or that one and find nothing worthy watching on cable because it is full of crap.

TV can enlighten and educate but only if we use that way, to paraphrase a famous journalist. We aren't doing that as much as we should and in an age hungry for information and content, we are inventing it where we shouldn't and ignoring real content that we shouldn't.

Keep writing everyone.

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